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“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”
(Henry Ford)



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Let your GENIUS fly! Why spend time getting ready when you could be GETTING STARTED!

SUPERCHARGE is a two-day, 12-person, small-group INTENSIVE for HIGH ACHIEVERS.

SUPERCHARGE is quite an uncommon adult learning environment. It is not a how-to class. It is not a strategic planning session. It is not networking. It is not a workshop or a training. Rather, it is a UNIQUE opportunity for revelation, renewal and expansion… an OPPORTUNITY for a rare and searching provocative conversation that will IGNITE possibilities you’ve never even considered. But what REALLY sets it apart is the gift of one-on-one COACHING with Sylvia High, and incomparable and uncompromising Master Coach.

You’ll be asked to bring three challenges you’re currently facing. Perhaps they’re GOALS. Perhaps they’re big QUESTIONS with big answers that may CHANGE the trajectory of your LIFE. Then, at SUPERCHARGE, working one-on-one with Sylvia High and others, you’ll develop your own personal ACTION plan to get the results YOU want sooner and more effectively than you may ever have imagined. Our premise is that there’s more to you than you know.

Here’s what one recent Supercharger had to say: “Supercharge is a series of potent and provocative conversations designed to retrain your mind to access an enhanced awareness of ‘what I’m choosing and at what cost.’ The intimacy of the 12-person, small group setting really allowed us to go deep inside of our beliefs and expectations of who we are. It was super valuable and the application from the weekend has been immediate. Plus, Sylvia High is who she is: Intuitive, Visionary, Brilliant and Powerful! Here’s how I would sum it up: When my purpose is more powerful than my preferences, I can do phenomenal things.”

-Marc Christmas, Director, Business Development, Nonprofit Client Practice

So let your GENIUS fly!