James Seymour II , Game Changer and Advanced Breakthrough Graduate

I was privileged in the summer of 2017 to attend the Game Changer Basic with Sylvia, and the Advanced Breakthrough Course with Raynae, both in Oakland. What super excellent people and an amazing transformational experience! 

The course content was dynamite, with effective group activities that really pushed us outside our comfort zones. Sylvia is a treasure; truly an inspiring woman who "walks her talk" by embodying and personifying all that she teaches. I immediately knew there would be no BS, and I felt blessed to have taken the course when she was "in the house!" 

Taking the Advanced course with someone as experienced and versatile as Raynae was wonderful. She was able to effectively adapt to our needs in a relaxed and supportive manner. I really felt that she is a soul dedicated to serving others. She gave us first-class coaching assistance throughout, and the tools I took away from her workshop I still use today.

I can't wrap this up before mentioning the awesome support staff and the volunteers, who were all amazing. We had Kevin Sledge among others, who was an ace Leadership Program Coordinator who also made himself available to support us.   Two thumbs up for Aiming High!  Godspeed, and keep up the magic!