Jessica Tip | Head of Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Investment Firm


1.      Problem—My name is Jessica, and I am Ms. Fine. Ms. Nothing is wrong, everything is going well. Great parents, good job, but everything was fine. But my good was getting in the way of my great, and the worst part of it all is that I didn’t know what I didn’t know and the cost I was paying for not knowing. 

2.      How we solved it—That is, until I came to the GAME CHANGER AT AIMING HIGH! The Basic Game Changer Course is interrupted my great, and helped me to pull back the layers to problems I didn’t even realize me from blocking my greatness. 

3.      What did success look like afterwards—Through the work of Aiming High, I am now a bold, powerful, and courageous leader running a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Investing Firm. I know have the power to live beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve traveled to over 10 countries within the last few years, pursuing my passion of connecting with others around the globe, without having to wonder what I will be doing next. I’m so grateful for the work and the changes it’s brought forth in my life.

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