Menika Fowler | Minister | Entrepreneur


Let me start with advising that our God is soooo intentional. This course manifestation has birth Unlimited Black Card Access to unlimited possibilities in my life. It is truly because of The Game Changer Basic Course which was an extraordinary Thursday - Sunday transformation for me.  Much was revealed because I made a choice to pull off the mask and stop pretending that I didn’t know what was in my way. It is a lot to share about the course that was gifted to me by a dear friend, who stated, “clear the next four days.” I had no details, but just apprehension and reservations about attended, because no details were provided.

All I can say is that I’ve gained one new brother and fifteen new sisters (Aiming High Course Mates) from this life changing experience. It was a hard commitment, but I have no regrets for this game changer experience that will aide in taking me to the next level. It was uncomfortable, comforting, and emotional, but well worth the much needed shift. I was pushed to share, discover, remove my shades, and hug strangers all in just four days.

All of this came in the midst of a hard decision to end a season (being a police officer) that I assumed was apart of my purpose. I resigned from my job (day two of the course) and now I’m working my dream job as a small business owner and ministering to others daily. I gained some much needed clarity that was available during Basic for my mind and heart. Now I can truly say I’m not pretending that I didn’t know that He’s been calling me.

I finally decided that all I wanted was to surrender and move out of my own way. A big thanks to Sylvia High (Master Life Coach) for sharing her gifts, she is truly amazing and I’m forever thankful!

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