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Corporate Services


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Corporate Services

In our continuing commitment to aid organizations in achieving extraordinary results, we offer a broad base of training and development courses. Listed below are some of our stellar trainings that have impacted organizations in their ability to produce results.

Aiming High Inc. assists both large and small organizations in areas such as leadership development, change and conflict management, diversity, communication effectiveness, and sales enhancement. The company’s clients include: Bank of America, COMCAST, American Heart Association, CISCO, United Way, AMD Serono, AmeriCorps VISTA, Coller Capital, Momentum Education and Hewlett-Packard Co. among others.


Dimensions of Behavior

Dimensions of Behavior is designed to enhance awareness of diverse behavior and approaches to management. Through understanding different styles, participants learn to appreciate a diverse workforce. They will gain greater cooperation and communication by learning to focus on issues, not individuals. Upon completion of this seminar participants will:

• Understand their own behavior
• Develop communication strategies to accommodate different styles
• Gain awareness and understanding of differences
• Develop open-mindedness when dealing with differences


Dimensions of Leadership

Dimensions of Leadership is designed to expose participants to the leadership skills they possess and the attributes of excellent leaders. This program organizes leadership qualities into twelve dimensions. Upon completion of this seminar participants will:

• Tap into their own leadership abilities and how their leadership skills fit among the twelve dimensions

• Know the traits of excellent leaders

• Understand different leadership styles


Dimensions of Diversity

Dimensions of Diversity is designed to help employees discover and explore their attitudes and behavior toward people who are different from themselves. As workforces become more and more diverse, self-discovery journeys are essential to create harmonious working environments. Upon completion of this seminar participants will:

• Gain appreciation of differences
• Gain awareness of various cultural individualities
• Understand how their behavior impacts others
• Understand the behavior of others


Dimensions of Listening

Dimensions of Listening improves the listening climate of an organization and helps individuals focus on objectives. The workshop emphasizes the importance of listening and identifies six listening attitudes. Upon completion of this seminar participants will:

• Identify habits and barriers that block effective communication
• Learn different listening styles
• Improve their listening habits
• Improve their communication skills


Team Innovation

Team Innovation defines the roles of team members to make your organization more competitive. Innovation is one of today’s primary management concerns. This workshop identifies four distinct roles for a successful team. Upon completion of this seminar participants will:

• Work together with mutual respect and fewer conflicts
• Assemble well-balanced teams with complementary strengths and skills
• Improve likelihood of success
• Have improved motivation and self-esteem


Adventures in Attitudes

Adventures in Attitudes deals with the importance of positive mental attitudes in personal, professional, marital and family relationships. This is a great tool for companies that want to foster positive attitudes throughout their organizations. This seminar focuses on the following:

• How attitudes affect your communication skills
• Creating a positive self-concept by turning weaknesses into strengths
• How to handle negative situations with poise, control and self-confidence
• How your perception affects your understanding
• Three ways of handling human relations problems
• Getting your ideas across to others
• The characteristics of good leadership
• Six mental steps to motivation
• How goals affect your happiness, success and fulfillment


If you are interested in hiring us for one of the above listed trainings OR a custom designed training that meet your organization’s needs, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss:

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