The Game Changer Basic Workshop



The Aiming High Game Changer Basic Workshop is a transformational training based on ontological principles and other proven methodologies that lead to empowered perspectives and committed actions. It is an exhilarating journey of self-discovery, the results of which can have immediate and lasting impact. The Game Changer - which takes places over the course of two evenings and two days, scheduled consecutively - uses a combination of experiential learning techniques combined with lecture and demonstrations.


Participants are asked to engage in exercises designed to impart a particular principle or distinction of transformation related to topics such as trust, integrity, and choice among others. This includes an examination of things like facts versus beliefs.

Participation is always voluntary, and never mandatory. Then, the instructor leads a lively discussion in which the exercise is de-constructed so that everyone can see its application in his or her own life, whether on the job, at home, at school or in the community. Some participants opt to share their insights and observations. The instructor uses this as an opportunity to coach participants, and to distinguish between beliefs that work and those that don’t work.

The daily schedule for each Game Changer Basic Workshop appears below. Please note that the end times are approximate.

Day 1, Thursday
Sign In: 6:30p – 7p
Workshop: 7p – 11p

Day 2, Friday
6:30pm – 11p

Day 3, Saturday
10a – 9p

Day 4, Sunday
10a – 6:30p


The Game Changer Basic Workshop is rich with “ah-hah” moments that lead to tangible, measurable results, regardless of a participant’s background, education or circumstances. As a result of participating in the Game Changer, you will:

• Sharpen your ability to communicate in any situation

• Discover the assumptions and beliefs that you’re either empowered by or diminished by

• Develop the proficiency to make responsible choices

• Get to the core of what you want

• Reinvigorate your heartfelt dreams and commitments