How does it work?

  • Personal one on one phone coaching

  • 60-minute web-video or phone sessions via phone or face to face

  • Six-month commitment

What do we work on?

  • Managing time, productivity

  • Confidence in career and personal life

  • Resurrecting passion in career/current work environment and personal life

  • Balancing career, relationship and time for self

  • More effective communication

  • Future visions and clarity of purpose

  • Leadership qualities and communication skills

  • Managing teams to increase productivity

  • Managing change in business and adaptability

  • Attitude versus skill in business

  • Learning to delegate and simplify problems

The program is tailored to the needs of both company and individual in order to get the best results.

If you would like to try it before you buy it, you can set up a complimentary call before signing up.

Please note the complimentary call is not designed to be a free full session. It’s an opportunity for you to ask questions, share with me what you’d like to work on, and see if we may be a good fit. You can set up a call by contacting me here.

Also to consider, I have a very full coaching practice, and at times have to implement a waiting list. If you would like to work with me, and there is a waiting list in place, it is first come first serve.