What's Your WISDOM Legacy?


Aiming High is a MIND-SET  that offers people the opportunity to lead the MOST FULFILLING LIVES possible.

Each of us is the sum total of the CHOICES we've made, including what we've chosen to BELIEVE about one thing or another. What beliefs have you chosen based on your parents... your hometown... your education? And what IMPACT  has choosing those beliefs had on your life?

What beliefs are YOU imparting to your children... your friends... your staff? What are you "teaching" those who look up to you... those who hold you in esteem? And what impact will YOU have on their lives? What will your WISDOM LEGACY be?


Sylvia High, Founder/CEO of Aiming High Inc.. and Master Trainer sheds light on how the company's curriculum works.

THOUGHT STARTER:  It's not WHO you are that holds you back. It's who you THINK you're not. 

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