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Although they are interconnected and build on one another, each Aiming High workshop and training is a potent experience on its own. As you expand, we expand by offering several options for you to engage with us. At Aiming High, the outstanding quality of our coaching is the underpinning of everything that we offer as a company.


The Game Changer Basic Workshop


There's no better introduction to the transformative work that we do than the Game Changer Basic Workshop, rich with “ah-hah” moments that lead to tangible, measurable results, regardless of a participant’s background, education or circumstances. As a result of participating in the Game Changer, you will:

• Sharpen your ability to communicate in any situation

• Discover the assumptions and beliefs that you’re either empowered by or diminished by

• Develop the proficiency to make responsible choices

• Get to the core of what you want

• Reinvigorate your heartfelt dreams and commitments


The Advanced Breakthrough Course


The Advanced Breakthrough Course is a four-day leap into the vastness of possibility. It is an exhilarating eye-opener designed to foster breakthroughs and empowered thinking. 

As a participant in the Advanced Breakthrough Course, you will experience yourself fully expressed, and thoroughly empowered to declare and create any outcome powerfully and spontaneously from “nothing.”

The Advanced Course promises to:

• Transform your relationship with the past

• Heighten your sense of urgency

• Enhance your performance as a team member and as an individual

• Bridge the gap between what you say and what you produce

• Alter your relationship with “fear” and “risk”


The Leadership Experience


Studies indicate that it takes a minimum of 90 days to break an old habit and replace it with a new one. The Aiming High Leadership Experience is a real-time, real-world, real-life training in which participants, over the course of 90 days, replace many of the beliefs and habits that undermine achievement with beliefs and habits that accelerate achievement.

As a result of participating fully in the Aiming High Leadership Experience, you will:

  • Develop and enhance skills in vision-driven leadership

  • Grow your effectiveness as a team member

  • Create an empowered relationship with your results

  • Learn to inspire and influence others

  • Act urgently toward goals and aspirations


Supercharge Weekend


Supercharge is a two-day, 12-person, INTENSIVE small-group coaching for HIGH ACHIEVERS and quite an uncommon adult learning environment. It is not a how-to class. It is not a strategic planning session. It is not networking. It is not a workshop or a training.

Rather, it is a unique opportunity for revelation, renewal and expansion… an opportunity for a rare and searching provocative conversation that will ignite possibilities you’ve never even considered. But what really sets it apart is the gift of one-on-one coaching with Sylvia High, and incomparable and uncompromising Master Coach.