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1:1 Coaching



You can benefit

from 1:1 coaching

Step into your purpose driven life


if you want to: 

Break free of  limiting beliefs

Create new empowering habits

The one-on-one coaching empowers clients with strategies to breakthrough and break free of habits, patterns, history, and limiting beliefs that are costing them their freedom, success, full-expression, desired love, ideal wealth, spiritual connections, values and gifts.

Sylvia shifts people from thinking & hoping they are enough to experiencing themselves as enough; from doubt to certainty; above average results to extraordinary results in all domains of life.

Her work has people connect to their greatness in real-time, such that they shift their self-perception which elevates their effectiveness, and their results meet their vision [their results in finances, romantic relationships and careers.]


Most people coach the obvious, what's in front of them, versus acting as a catalyst that helps them illuminate the smallest of nuances. Nuances are small but the cost of an undiscovered nuance, or blindspot, is high.

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All 1:1 coaching contracts are at a three month agreed upon commitment.  We also offer six to twelve months at a reduced rate.


60min Sessions

Weekly or Biweekly

Personalized Plans

1:1 w/ Sylvia


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Leanna Simmons-Graham 
Creator of Jake's Healing Oasis

"A bragging moment for me is when I did Supercharge; a dream that I had not spoken out loud came to life... and that was Jake's Healing Oasis, my LLC where we create experiences and places of joy, love and belonging. 

After being in Coaching with Mrs. Sylvia it has allowed me to have grace with myself around Jake's Healing Oasis and the things I want to do with my life."

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